Space Heroes CTF

Start Time: Fri, 01 April 2022, 09:00 PDT
End Time: Sun, 03 April 2022, 14:00 PDT
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Team Name: wh1l3s3c
Place: 36 of 778
Points: 3483

shctf: Writeup Compilation
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Username Score
p4nth3r (Captain) 1154
enscribe 1455
Zuk0 874

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Name Points Category Status Writeup
Wow! 100 crypto Solved
Khaaaaaan! 100 crypto Solved
Mobile Infantry 100 crypto Solved
Off The Grid 104 crypto Solved
Buzz Ransomware 110 crypto Unsolved
Information Paradox 293 crypto Unsolved
Rahool’s Challenge 331 crypto Solved click here!
Invisible Stargate 336 crypto Unsolved
Easy Crypto Challenge 356 crypto Unsolved
Strange Traffic 100 forensics Solved
Netflix and CTF 100 forensics Solved
Future Stego 100 forensics Solved
Star Pcap 100 forensics Solved
The Legend of the Chozo 100 forensics Solved
Space Captain Garfield 100 forensics Solved
Buzz’s Secret Watch (Part 1) 100 forensics Solved
Buzz’s Secret Watch (Part 2) 100 forensics Unsolved
Interstellar Mystery 254 forensics Solved
tradewars2002 310 forensics Unsolved
Somethings Off 331 forensics Unsolved
RF Math in Space 495 forensics Unsolved
starman 100 osint Solved
Curious? 100 osint Solved
Launched 100 osint Solved
FRK War 100 prog Unsolved
Bodies ??? prog Deprecated
Warmup to the Dark Side 100 pwn Solved click here!
Guardians of the Galaxy 100 pwn Solved click here!
Vader 100 pwn Solved click here!
T0NY TR4N5L4T0R 120 pwn Solved
SATisfied 205 pwn Unsolved
Star Wars Galaxies 2 254 pwn Unsolved
Rocket 365 pwn Unsolved
Rule of Two 375 pwn Unsolved
Use the Force, Luke 392 pwn Unsolved
Blackhole ROP 464 pwn Unsolved
Rings of Saturn 495 pwn Unsolved
Lunar Gateway 991 pwn Unsolved
Fuzz Lightyear 991 pwn Unsolved
Dreadful Battle 100 re Solved
Cape Kennedy 100 re Solved
An Unknown Disassembly 100 re Unsolved
Spaceflight 174 re Solved
Launch Code 205 re Unsolved
Times Up 293 re Unsolved
Shai-Hulud 384 re Unsolved
k? 100 sanity Solved
Discord 100 sanity Solved
Space Buds 100 web Solved
Mysterious Broadcast 100 web Solved
Flag in Space 100 web Solved
Space Traveler 100 web Solved
R2D2 100 web Solved